- Ready-to-use paint, water-soluble
- 13 bright colours that can be mixed with one another to create new shades
- Intense matt and opaque appearance when dry (minimal bleaching when drying)
- Thick, smooth texture, easy to apply
- High pigment concentration and good covering properties for economical use. Even when heavily diluted (x5), the intensity of the colours is retained
- Very good lightfastness
- Adherence to various materials such as paper, cardboard, wood, salt dough, etc.
- Easy to wash off hands using soapy water and to clean off floors and tables
- Ideal for art teaching, learning mixing technique
- Without solvents* (volatile organic compounds – VOC), without allergens* (D-limonene, citral, etc.), without formaldehydes* (*directly added)
- Containers made from PET, do not contain no phthalates or BPA
- Secondary packaging all made from recycled cardboard made in Switzerland. The REZY logo guarantees the recycling of the cardboard used
- Compliant with European standards : REACH & CE

Caran d'Ache Gouache ECO Liquid 500ml Black

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